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Re: Intermittent ABS Off Light

> The Antilock Off light on my 92 100S with 71K miles has started to
> come on intermittently at start-up.  It goes out if I press the
> antilock switch on the dash once or twice and then stays out.  Has
> this happened to anyone?  Any ideas on what could cause it.  The
> brakes were done by the dealer about 22K miles ago, right before I
> bought the vehicle.  This car has been amazingly reliable for the 21K
> miles I have driven it during the last year and a half, needing only
> routine maintenance.

Hi Steve,

I have a 1990 Audi Turbo (200T). I also have this happening to me.
The ABS OFF light will come on if the ABS finds a fault in the
system when the car exceeds 6km/h. Once you're moving and you
have the ABS OFF light lit you can press the ABS switch to switch
it back on, but then it will go through the same check and the ABS
OFF light will once again light up. I had this checked by a Bosch
engineer and we found that 2 of my ABS sensors were faulty. I also
had VW/Audi check them prior to taking it to me engineer, but I don't
trust their work at all as they indicated a different set of sensors
as being faulty compared to what my engineer told me. VW/Audi are
asking US$300 for each sensor. Maybe you should take  it to a
certified Bosch engineer and have them clean the sensors and make
sure they are seated correctly in their mountings, also let them
check if any of the sensors are faulty and need replacing. I have
to replace 2 of my sensors, but I'll be putting in 2nd hand ones from
some cars that are  stripping. They work, but are only US$35 each! :)

As for having the sensors mounted correctly, I will be checking mine
sometime soon as I had a look at the wheels the other day and it
seems someone did not insert the sensors all the way.

"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200T)
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