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Brake rotors and brake bomb...


Well, it would seem my oil leak problems are over. I had the entire
front of the motor stripped down upon suggestion from a VW/Audi
mechanic that it might be my oil pump that was leaking. My mechanic
took of the timing belt covers and other stuff and found a small
nipple that had not been inserted into its threads properly. Supposedly
my new synthetic oil found oil muck around this nipple and clear
a path through. Anyway,  the low oil pressure this oil is causing
is making me a bit scared. Could someone suggest a method to test
whether the oil pump is working properly?

Ok. The purpose of this message is not for oil, but for my brake
system. My rear brake rotors were skimmed down before I got the car.
Supposedly they are 6mm thick instead of 9mm. If I pull up the
handbrake while moving slower I can feel the rear of the car
dip and wobble from side to side. I can have these rotors skimmed
again, they will need to be replaced. When I brake, the shaking
is almost unbearable. As far as I can tell it is the condition of
the brake rotors that is causing this shaking of the entire car under
braking. The thing is that to me it feels as if the shaking comes from
the front of the car. Also, my rear shocks are worn and have worn
very unevenly, they differ by about 20-30% between the 2 of them.
Could worn rotors that cause shudder have led to uneven wear on

Could this shudder from the brakes also have led to my failing bomb?
Can this bomb be renewed/recharged? I see there is a new(ish) thread
on this list about recharging the bomb.

As for rotors, what are the suggested aftermarket rotors? I will repair
my ABS soon and if I am going to have to replace rotors I would like
to put on something that would greatly improve my braking abilities.
I saw the new Toyota RSi with ABS does a braking test stop in an
average 2.5 seconds (I think the tests are from 100km/h - 0km/h).
What  is the average braking time for the 1990 200T?

Is anyone using drilled Brembo disc brake rotors? What are the
improvements like on braking?

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