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re: My 5kt was rear-ended!! (sob)

You probably didn't total the Civic, but nice try :)

Sounds like you may just need a new bumper. Don't have the prices here
with me, but they aren't cheap. The insurance co. may want to put a used
one on, which isn't that horrible, but I bet they don't find one.

They will depreciate the exhaust, so dig up your receipt for it.
Otherwise we tend to eyeball it and guess. You'll also want the receipt
to prove your exhaust is more valuable than stock (if indeed it is).

If the rear door and trunk lid gaps all look straight, and there's no
visible nonsense along the frame 'rails' under the car, you're probably
ok. Pull up the trunk mat and check there too for any wrinkles, and in
the spare tire well (if you have one; don't know about those 5ks). If
you're still extraodinarily paranoid after seeing nothing, you can ask
the appraiser if they can just measure the rear of the car to make sure
it's ok, but normally the damage will be visible in the above areas.

Yet another reason I sold my CRX those many years ago and returned to
european cars...
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