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Re: Bomb re-engineering

>the difficulty of engineering a small valve for recharging at 2000 psi. While that >pressure is routinely available and handled well by gas cylinders and their valves, the >valves are pretty beefy hunks of brass. Something along the lines of a Schraeder
>valve would be pretty ambitious for that pressure.

So, don't use one.  Weld in some pipe instead, and use appropriate
fittings and a welding bottle valve, either easily accessible or
reachable with an extension and appropriate tip.  The fill point would
not have pressure behind it with the valve closed, the valve would be
made for that pressure/material, and it could all be plumbed up into a
corner of the engine compartment, with a gauge to show the remaining
pressure if so desired.

Someone out there could even start doing it as a part-time
business/service.  Fix a few junkyard bombs and then just do a core swap
deal.  Send the customer to their local welding supply outlet for the
nitrogen fill.

just my .01 and a half.  Glad my car doesn't have one.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers
79,80,81,*82*,83,84,85,86,87,88,97 Audi Coupe (GT)...