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ur-q 10v on unleaded?

In message <c=NZ%a=_%p=COMPUTERLAND%l=CLWLG01-971126204847Z-11757@mail.computerland.co.nz> David Eaton writes:

> question for all the 10v folks out there...
> what is the story about running an mb 10v, designed for 96-ron leaded on
> unleaded gas?

The MB engine (April 1988 onwards) is specifically designed for unleaded fuel.
> here in nz leaded petrol is no longer available and the super unleaded
> is 96-ron.  there is an additive available for cars which require the
> lead for valve stem lubrication.
> what would happen to a 10v (specifically an 1985 ur-q) which was run
> with unleaded without an additive?

Well, it's not an MB.  It's probably a WR.  The microfiche doesn't say whether 
it needs lead or not - I'm halfway through working out what we would need to 
check.  Essentially the same engine was shipped to the USA, Sweden and 
Switzerland in low-emmission form, and these variants will handle unleaded fuel 
- octane is the only issue.  If the main components (valves, seats, etc.) have 
the same part numbers, we should be home and dry.  The only issue becomes the 
use of unleaded fuel in a car without a catalytic converter. 

Super unleaded is now recognised as a health risk for petrol station attendants 
and refinery workers.  Do a search on 'benzene' and 'leukemia' - there's 
copious documentation.  And check out 
http://www.aeat.co.uk/netcen/airqual/bulletins/weekly_benz.html for an idea of 
how seriously the UK takes the issue, and http://www.edf.org/pubs/EDF-
Letter/1977/Mar/l_benzene.html for a twenty-year-old US view.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club