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Oval-headed Audi "valet/attendent" key blanks

Most Audis come with two keys when new: a key that opens everything
(this key has a plastic grip "head"), and a "valet" key that opens
the doors and starts the car, but does not unlock the glove box or
the trunk.

This "valet" key is usually an all-metal key with an oval-shaped
head. My local Audi dealer has always insisted that these keyblanks
are unavailable. But I wonder if they are available in Europe, and
if so, if a European QLister might be willing to help me obtain
some of them.

Additionally, do you know if the dealer, given a key code, can punch
both types of keys; or, does the keycode yield only the "master" key?

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)
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