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Re: MC Engine that lacks a Turbo Filter

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Robert W Obrien wrote:

> I thought the same on my '87 5000t- build date 6-86- I heard it was
> supposed to have dual filters, but later on I heard that this was a
> running change taking place around '86. The filters are not the
> determining factor as to whether it's an MC or not. Perhaps a more
> experienced lister (Phil?) could enumerate the distinctions?

I check the archives every time before I post... except this one time.
In a post from back in June of '93, Bill Samaras wrote:

: All of the "normal" Audi turbo's have only one oil filter.  All 5000 CS
: turbo quattro's ('86 on) and 5000 CS turbos (at least from 1985) have
: just a single oil filter design (as well as everything after that).  If
: you go looking for another oil filter, you just won't find one. 
: The $original$ Audi quattro coupe did have 2 oil filters. But as far as
: I can tell, this was the only application of 2 oil filters. 
: The Bently manual for the 5000 (T, Q, etc.), doesn't mention anything
: about a second turbo oil filter. All of the mechanical discussions and
: diagrams clearly show the single oil filter design for all turbos (even
: Diesel versions). 

But what Bob says isn't quite right. The Bentley clearly shows on page
17.7 that there are two filters. But he does appear to ultimately be
right about the presence of the extra filter.

***Bentley aggravation flame-on***

People rave about the Bentley manual. But Bentley did not have one for
the old 100LS series. I asked the dealer parts manager if he could 
get me a copy of _THE_ factory workshop manual, the same one the
service department had, complete with the TSBs. It was a 2-volume
loose-leaf manual that came in grey vinyl 3-ring binders with the
PORSCHE+AUDI logo on them. COMPLETE with a full-color electrical
chart for the 73, 74, 75, and 76/77 model years. All models year
variations were shown. The translation from German to English was
pretty bad, but it was good enough to get the job done.

However, the Bentley is almost as bad as the Haynes as far as 
showing model & year variations. I want a manual that covers
_MY_ car!

For example, the Bentley shows _nothing_ about the rear differential
except how to remove/install it and change the seals. Big deal.
What hav I got to do? Buy the manual for the VW Illtis?

***Bentley aggravation flame-off***

But the Bentleys are still better than Chilton/Clymers and similar
old books, although I think they may have given up covering Audis after
the 100LS.

> My conclusion is, it's likely still an MC. 

Yeah, I guess I was needlesely freaking out, but I wasn't going to
let this stop me from changing the oil, _especially_ since Phil
seems to think I ran my Q's rear differential dry. 

> Regards,

Thanks, Bob!

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)
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