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Re: Mid-Engined Quattro

according to walter rohrl, the mid-engine prototype was propelled by him around
audi's ingolstadt hq for testing.  they were pretty careful not to be seen.  he
did say that one of the testers took it up into the alps to try and find some
more interesting roads.

walters comments were that the car was "surprisingly well sorted".  it used the
longitudional i5 motor from the s1.  the engine went into a transfer case
arrangement like the current escort wrc car (and the landrover!) to distribute
drive front and rear.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

..>Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 08:01:30 GMT
..>From: quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne)
..>Subject: Mid-Engined Quattro
..>In message <9710232225.AA19919@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV>
ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV writes:
..>> Some may remember that just before Audi pulled the plug on
..>> rallying in the groupe B days, when they were getting
..>> stomped by tube frame custom jobs, there were rumors of
..>> a mid-engined Audi Quattro rally car.
..>Members of the UK Club will have seen the picture of Audi's "secret" rally
..>in the Club Magazine at the beginning of the year.  It's still in the museum
..>Ingolstadt - it was never driven in public. 
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..> Phil Payne