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A reply to Gross and a totally mundane question

In message <3480C251.8479484E@ns.sympatico.ca> geo writes:

> And second, I am going to replace the timing belt on an NA I5 next weekend.  Being
> poor because I own a 'Q' (more specifically 5kcdq born in 86 and called an 87) I
> don't have the Bentley.  Soooooo....I'm looking at the Haynes.  This 'manual'
> calls for removal of the vibration damper that has moocho torque to remove the
> bolt requiring special tools ad nauseam.  Do I have to go through this goooo....or
> can I simply loosen the water pump, turn it clockwise and take it from there?

No, the damper has to come off.  Once it's off, you'll probably sit cross-legged
on the floor and wonder at the designers' perversity.

332 lb ft.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club