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Re: A reply to Gross and a totally mundane question

Thanks for the reply Phil.  So I'm going to do some bench presses, get a great big long
lever and see what I can break.  BTW it's not mentioned in the 'manual' so I assume this
is a normally threaded bolt, ie. clockwise. Rule of thumb and all that.  If this is the
case, the 'perversity' could have simply been countered by 'reversity,' ie. thread the
thing counter-clockwise.  I certainly do not know what the final torque would be after
starting and running the engine would be after 100k miles,  but I'm no engineer.
Mississippi John Hurt sings a song that I really do appreciate. He is a locomotive
engineer who has a spat with his wife, he goes to work fumin', gets the train up to
speed, startin' to feel better, comes across a flock of sheep on the track and has to
slow the sucker down and stop.  "God damn them sheep."


Phil Payne wrote:

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> No, the damper has to come off.  Once it's off, you'll probably sit cross-legged
> on the floor and wonder at the designers' perversity.
> 332 lb ft.
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