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5000TQ value

Well I have come to the conclusion that once I get my '83 TQC back on
the road...I will have to sell the 5000 TQ. As you all know, the cost of
keeping one in top shape is very expensive and time consuming.

My question is: I may have a biased opinion of what the car is worth
since I spent so much time and money on it. I want to know what others
think the reasonable price for the car would be. I also get such a
varying range in answers from non-quattro owners (low to too high)
	Details: "86 5000 turbo quattro
	*newer motor with 70,000 miles.
	*new rear calipers and all brakes.
	*newer turbo.
	*rebuilt alternator.
	*excellent interior and paint. (only small rust spot starting on lip of
trunk lid)
	*new struts
	*new sachs clutch (1000 miles ago)
	*computer and wastegate upgrade (hence clutch replacement)
	*new timing belt
	*exhaust great shape
	*no leaks (runs excellent)
	*has almost no squeeks or rattles Tight!
	*dynamat in doors
	*emrg. brake cables sticky
	*heated front seats have a broken element (haven't fixed yet)
	*may or may not leave aftermarket rims and tires on.
	*car has approx 140000 miles on it (peoples perception)
Car is located in wisconsin

>From all this information...what does everyone feel a car like this
would be worth?

Also, anyone interested in a custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosure that
fits into the spare tire well? cheap.