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Re: Santa Cruz Q-list breakfast...

Nice story. It reminded me of this past year's Audi-Fest '97. A wonderful
experience indeed!!

BTW, what do you all say... should we try for Audi-Fest '98?? :-)

Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:

> Fortunately, I was able to juggle my vacation schedule -- only a true car
> nut would consider a 5-day trip that involved driving over 1900 miles to be
> a vacation! -- and attend the 1st Annual Bay Area Q-list meeting.

> <SNIP>

> As we were leaving, Paula, my girlfriend, remarked that was surprising how
> well everyone seemed to know everyone else considering that we had (most of
> us, anyway) just met for the
> very first time.  Isn't technology wonderful?  :^)

                             Jim Griffin
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