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Denver-area Audis FS & misc

I was in Denver for the holiday weekend, you see (actually Louisville). Mom picked us up from the airport (JeffCo) and was driving to the hotel when I spotted the first of many area Audis, looked like a white 200q headed for Boulder. The rental Altima couldn't keep up, especially not at altitude. Wanted to show Mom what my car looks like... :( It (the Altima) did have E-code-looking beam cutoffs and presumably H4s, though. Anyway, amidst all the eating someone picked up a used car rag. Why? Who knows.

Infiniti of Denver (303-671-6000/800-671-5545) offers 2:

<non-q> '95 90, sunroof, low mi., all power, heated seats [in picture looks dark blue w/~12 spoke alloys]
<non-q> '94 90S, sunroof, leather, V6, heated seats, 5-sp, all power [in picture looks silver w/same alloys as above]

First Class Imports (303-449-9496) has:

'94 100CSQ avant, leather, roof, auto, 40k mi, asking $25.5k [picture shows dark blue w/5-spoke alloys]
<non-Audi> but I hear they are fun anyway (and pretty rare)
'92 Mitsu Galant VR4, turbo AWD, asking $8k [picture shows dark blue]

Denver Isuzu (303-404-6500) has:

<non-q> '93 90CS, auto, leather, cruise, power everything, beautiful, asking $13.7k [picture shows white (pearl?) w/6-spoke alloys]

Flatirons Acura-Urabus (303-442-2544) has:

'95 A6Q avant, V6, auto, sunroof, "PW,PM,cass.,cruise,AC" (all standard anyway, right?) asking $24k [picture shows silver w/8-spoke alloys]

"4x4 HQ" (303-255-2888) has

<non-Audi> (2) '89 Drof/Yamaha Taurus SHO, both fully loaded, 220-hp, either for $3.7k [b/w picture of one]
(my dad used to have one and it was a pretty solid winter car, way fun to wind up in the summer too - my 200 would of course clobber it here at altitude, 4700'/1500m. I've seen some around home for cheap too, and though you would want to change the timing belt, I consider them a stealthy steal)

And, the main impetus for this note though I have no affiliation with *any* of these and didn't go look at any of them either:
Valley Chrysler - Boulder (303-442-1687) has:

'93 S4, pearl white, loaded, flawless, very rare, asking $25k [picture shows - white - w/5-spoke alloys]

BTW, the family quickly tired of shouts of "there's an Audi!"

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 79k, had some fun in the snow w/Eagle Aquatreds last Wednesday
1988 GTI 16v, 173k, where did all the snow go?