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Re: Rear Calipers-Wrong Pistons

At 11:28 PM -0600 11/28/97, Terry Donohue wrote:
>Finally decided to replace the rear calipers (Girling) on my '90 200TQ for
>the usual reason-no parking brake.  After some calls to determine that new
>ones were $420 each, I ordered a rebuilt pair from Blaufergnugen at $110


Hmmm, I just ordered some re-built rear calipers from Blau for my CQ, I'll
check them very carefully when they come in.  I remember, however, that
they asked me about the size, and stated that they only had 38mm for the
CQ.  Also, I called GPR, which had competitive prices for rear calipers,
among other things.

I wound up getting Brembo cross-drilled rotors for my CQ from KVR in
Canada, good prices & service.