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Blowout resulting in new tires :)

Last week I had a blowout on my 93 90 with one of the rear tires.  The hole
was too big to patch so I had to buy a pair of tires.  I put the new ones
on the front and the ol ones on the rear.  I had Yokohama S305s on there, and
with em, I thought I had a bent wheel for awhile, even with the constant
balancing and rotation I did.  Good thing they were outta em andI went with
Dunlop D60 A2s.  These tires are 100% better!  No feeling of a bent wheel,
improved handling, and the car rides a bit firmer, but nicer at the same
time.  I would strongly recommend to anyone and strongly unrecommend those
Yokos.  BTW_the Yokos were $75 a tire and Dunlops were 65$.