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Tire questions from an old timer

I don't want to start another tire thread, so please respond to me privately
(off-list).  I have 3 tire related questions:

1) What tire size does the A8 use stock?
2) Anyone use a 225 mm wide tire on a 7" wide wheel?  I'd like to use
225/50/16 tires on A8 wheels on our V8, but am concerned that this is far
too wide a tire for that narrow a wheel.  My base of reference is that the
V8 comes with a 215mm wide tire on a 7.5" wheel and our 5ktq has 205mm wide
tires on a 7" wheel.
3) Anyone know an WEST COAST dealers for Nokian (sp?) snow tires?

Thanks in advance.

John Karasaki

J & L Enterprises
"Our Future is Built by Hard Work"