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Re: '86 4ks airflow pot

 # you listening?). Would this also apply to the MC motors during warm-up?
 # Sounds to me like one more area to get out the De-Oxit and clean away! Can't
 # hurt. Thanks again Scott for pointing this one out and TIA for any
 # clarification as to anticipated symptoms when this is (again, I'll bet they
 # all will be) dirty. 
Yes, Scott ... thanks so much for passing along those little nuggets you're 

On the MC engine, the only thing that the airflow sensor position pot is used 
for is determining the fuel economy on the trip computer.  I managed to get a 
couple hundred $$ off the price of my '88 thanks to this as it basically made 
the trip computer useless.  After cleaning I find the computer to continue to 
be pretty optomistic, but it does work.  I looked into buying a replacement 
from the dealer ... if you need a laugh sometime try asking that one ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)