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Re: Wozzat pipe???:)

> WHAT ??? Replace _all_ the missing copper washers _now_, no, do it
> _yesterday_ . It's a miracle that you don't have any fuel leaks yet. And
> you really wouldn't want to have the fuel sprayed onto the hot exhaust.

I should actually take a picture of these things, put them on my
webpages and people can judge what is going on. The fuel distributor
fuel line connections are the ones with the line running through the
top centre of the connecting nut, not the one with the allen key head
or the one with the hollow bolt connector. The threads are clearly
visible on the bolts that fit to the top of the fuel distributor.
They're perfectly dry, but I'd better get replacement washers. I have
a strange suspicion that VW/Audi did this to the car.

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