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RE: Turbo cam in NA I5

 # I have heard from a VERY informed source that this is the best cheap way to 
 # get power out of a N/A motor.  Short of a Schrick 276 it is the best thing you 
 # can do to it.
 # Anyone care to share their real world experience with using a turbo cam in
 # a NA I5? ('86 4kcsq in my case)
... If one looks in the Bentley for the 5k (84-88) at the engine specs, the 
cam timing specs for the NA I-5 (code NF?) look pretty doggone similar to 
those for the MC (turbo).  I don't happen to have a fiche for the non-turbos
so I can't confirm P/Ns ... there are other cases in the Bentley where numbers
are known to be incorrect (e.g. tranny/diff ratios).

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)