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Re: Turbo cam in NA I5

>  # I have heard from a VERY informed source that this is the best cheap way to
>  # get power out of a N/A motor.  Short of a Schrick 276 it is the best thing you
>  # can do to it.
>  #
>  # Anyone care to share their real world experience with using a turbo cam in
>  # a NA I5? ('86 4kcsq in my case)
>  #
> ... If one looks in the Bentley for the 5k (84-88) at the engine specs, the
> cam timing specs for the NA I-5 (code NF?) look pretty doggone similar to
> those for the MC (turbo).

So the bottom line is, no one here has done this.  Mike T mentioned in
reply to one of my previous inquiries on this subject that the lobes on
the turbo cam lift the valves further, allowing a bigger charge.

I had hit on the idea of transferring the whole head, which would get me
slightly bigger valves as well and let me do head work (replace valve
stem seals etc) with my car running.  Trouble would be dealing with the
many likely broken studs, etc.  If I don't do that I will probably try
this camshaft swap in a few months.  I will do some measuring while
they're out if I can.

I want to replace my valve seals anyway, hey the camshaft has to come
out to do that, I have a 5kt parts car, seems like the thing to do.  Too
bad nobody actually knows the pros and cons already.

Huw Powell

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