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Well, I sang their praises so I will now sing their failings.

Ordered among other things fuel injectors in late September.  Received
everything in good order _except_ the injectors were the old metal
tipped _not_ the new viton tipped.  Called Eric.  He said these were
the only ones.  Called around and called him back to correct him. 
Greg said he'd look into it.  I called in 2 weeks he was still looking
into it.  Called him with another "order" and he said no problem on
the injectors.  Didn't place the order but returned the injectors.
Mailed the on Nov 15.  Called Greg today.  He got 'em.  When are you
going to send the others I ask.  He says he'll try to get them out
in a few days.

Two months!?  VW PARTS does a cash business so I have little financial
control or recourse with this transaction but they will DEFINITELY NOT
get any more of my business.

I know many of you have had nothing but good experiences.  Mine too
were all good but this one kind of sucks.  Anyway, as I stated at the
outset, I posted the good so I posted the bad as well.

Mark pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 242K Miles