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Re: Synthetic vs Natural Oil

Shane begged oil related opinions by asking:

>I would like to gather some opinions on using synthetic oils vs "natural"
>oils...   I have had good success using synthetics in my motorcycles, but I am
>not sure whether it is worth the extra money to put it in the Audi...


Most (?) engines burn more oil on synthetic.  Synthetic doesn't burn well.
Synthetic makes a mess of your cylinders, valves, etc when it doesn't burn
well.  Synthetic costs too much.  Unless you are racing or park outside in
Alaska, save your money.  Buy Castrol GTX and change every 3-4k miles.
Your Audi engine will last 200k+ miles whether or not you use synthetic.
Oil was the motivation for Desert Storm.

These (car related) opinions are the result of observing the results of
switching to "normal" oil on:

	89 MR2, 944S, 85 TCQ, Chrysler Minivan, SAAB 9000T, '87 VW GTI.

I don't know who's opinions these are but I agree with most of them.



Mike Marion, Optronics - mmarion@optronics-intl.com
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1984 BMW R100RS "Last Edition" - Pearl White
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