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valet key blanks

>... The 'valet-ness' is a function of the blank - so if I send 
>you a blank, any local key cutter can make you up a valet key.

almost...the VW/Audi (and many European car) key blanks are made of steel.
at least here in the colonies, the common key material is much softer
(often some brass/aluminum alloy).  most locksmiths check with a magnet;
then, they either a) won't cut these blanks or b) charge an extra fee for
the additional wear & tear to their tooling.  it is a rare locksmith to do
this for free.  years ago, the dealer gladly sold me a blank for my Rabbit
(Golf) but no locksmith would cut it without an additional $$$ charge.
perhaps other dealers are different...

The Volvo is no different (steel blank).  But the dealer was:  when i
needed an extra key for our wagon, the guy at the parts counter pulled out
a little machine that looks similar to a 2-hole hole puncher. used the
contraption to first measure each position on the original key then punch
each one.  works great & under us$8.00 blank & punches included.

Perhaps VW/Audi dealers have such a tool now...check with them to see.

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