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re: 86 4K oily air filter and faulty oil pressure

"Michael A. Victor" <victmi00@dons.ac.usfca.edu> wrote:
> My 86 4000 cs has a very oily and saturated air filter. Oil is being
> spit out from the air cleaner unit and the front right side of the
> engine compartment is slowly becoming drenched with oil. I would greatly
> appreciate any help.

Is there a PCV valve on our cars?  If there is, I would check that 
first.  Listers please chime in!
> Also, the oil pressure warning buzzer is acting up. Sometimes (more
> often than not) above 2000 RPM the buzzer and light will come on. Anyone
> who has experienced this problem knows how unbearable it is. I've tried
> everything and the buzzer continues to go off. Can it be a relay? Again,
> any help is greatly appreciated.

Ah yes, the old heart stopper!  Yes, quite unbearable.  I pulled the
I think the actual fix is to replace the sender in the motor.

I don't think most cars even have that feature, and I'm not so sure how 
much time you really have if it is genuinely that low on oil to make 
the buzzer go off anyway.

Luckily on the Coupe's you can keep an eye on the analog oil pressure 
gauge.  The 4kq's have two digital gauges, right?  Aren't they oil temp 
and voltmeter?

I think when I get the 4kstq going, I may look into putting Coupe analog 
gauges in it.  I like the analog gauges better, personally.  Probably 
put them on the dash, with the EQ under the stereo.  Now I'm talking 
about something totally different than your problem, so I'll quit.