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Rad cooling fan comes on when engine cold

Intermittent thing at first, would come on about five to ten minutes
after cutting ignition and it always eventually went off after about
five minutes (no hard driving, no accumulated heat, wintertime).

Looking at the lowly Haynes we have the thermo time relay, basically
getting the stats from some sensors? Also an A/C time delay relay, but
no details.  Anyone want to sell a Bentley for say $20?

Pulling the fan relay of course cures the problem.  Would I be looking
for a thermo sensor in the rad as the culprit? Possibly something in the
A/C circuit?  In my experience thermo sensors in the rad just fail, ie.
fan doesn't come on.  Fan relay looks good (comes apart real easy).
Obviously some power going to the coil.

Please don't tell me to look in the archives.  Makes my eyes water.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Geo (thinking of getting a second job, building a heated garage, selling
the house, going south, using  cabs.....okay, okay...I'm offering $30
for the Bentley manual.  But this is my last offer!  After Xmas I'm