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Flushing procedures for radiator/cooling system and hydraulic system


My radiator has gathered a whole lot of brown scale and I have coolant
crust at the upper connection pipe coming from  the radiator. I looked
at the procedure for flushing the cooling  system in the Haynes books
but the cooling system for the 5 cylinder is different from that that
I have on this 200T model. The pipe coming off the radiator heads into
a large valve system which I believe to be the valve that runs the
water to the turbo for cooling. This valve is not even mentioned in
my Haynes and I would like to know the full procedure used to flush
the cooling system, perhaps from the Bentley books.

Another note about the valve, this leaks. Can this valve be repaired
or do I need to replace it? The unit is spilling coolant all over its
mounts and a lot of it has the rusty looking scale on it. I usually
put in about 1.5 litre of water every 2 weeks or so. So canthis valve
be strip and can the seals be replaced to get it fixed?

I want to do the flush so that I can replace the hosing and clamps at
the same time as a precautionary repair.

Can the hydraulic system also be flushed? Some of the hydraulic pipes
at the reservoir show some signs of leaks as these connecting points
are covered in fluid. I would like, once again as precautionary
repair, to replace these pipes and would like to know the full flush
procedure if possible. Any specific replacement piping I need to
obtain or will any good hydraulic rubber hoses do?


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