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Re: coupe subframe, control arm bushings (loose steering...)

> I got control arm bushings from gpr for $8 each.  Chris normally does
> $12, he might match.  I ordered my subframe bushings from Linda last
> year, but Chris says he gets comparably prices from Lakes Region.

Thanks for the baseline.  My local Audi dealer (Ed Byrnes
Porsche-Audi-Honda-Chevrolet, 603 742 1676, don't know if they want to
do mail order) had the control arm bushings listed at about $8 each. 
The subframes were $35 and $11.  So I just went with them.  Order today,
should be in Monday, I'm not looking forward to installing them.

BTW my loosey goosey steering turned out to be loose nuts under the rack
to tie rod bracket - thanks Matt for checking while doing my annual
state inspection.  Must replace them with new locking nuts (soon from
Maryland Metrics).

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe