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Re: 4k rear spoiler

Mike Victor wrote:
> I am considering adding a rear spoiler (a la quattro) to the trunk of my
> 86 4000 cs (NOT quattro). Is there drilling involved and is this
> advisable? snip

You need 4 holes on the back surface of the trunk lid. You also need
access slots or holes big enough to fit a socket through on the inside
of the double wall of the lid. On my '84 4k fwd there are large slots in
the reinforcing metal of the inside of the trunk to get to the nuts. On
my '86 4kq there are round 1" holes in the outer 2 spots. The inner two
nuts are more easily accessable on both cars. I don't know if the non-q
used the same lid, but I bet it does. Check yours. You will need a
template to drill the mounting holes accurately.

BTW, there is virtually no aerodynamic effect from this. It is basically
a visual upgrade only.