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Re: Winter wondering

On my 200T the boost gauge reads 0.8 at idle and startup, the max I've
ever seen show on the boost gauge is 1.1 bar. This showed up more
often since last week when I replaced the wastegate to solenoid
vacuum line. The reading doesn't usually bother me. The other thing
about this is that the manuals  for this car state the use of 93
octane leaded only, be it at the coast of higher altitude. Is there
anyway to determine which of the maps  the ECU is using? The car
ran on 91 unleaded which I tried after having the motor for a month
or so up here in the Free State of South Africa. When I got the 
car the guys had been running it on 97 octane leaded fuel all the time.
I can't get 97 around here and would like to know if there is a way
of determining whether the car is running regular fuel tables or
whether it is using those for premium fuel. Then I can check using
93 leaded and 91 unleaded to see which it likes.

As some might tell from the recent posts it would seem my 200T is
running the MAC11-based MAC13 ECU (will confirm that later on today).
No lambda, 1 knock sensor.

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