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round headlights for 90 series

For those of you that have talked to me about doing the round headlight
setup on your 90 (similar to BMW), I explored the Erebuni site and
noticed a picture at http://www.erebunicorp.com/ge/audi80.htm .  They
are selling the complete assemblies with lights for $429, which includes
a funky looking grille.  If they'll sell them separate of the grille, it
might be less, but you'd have to check.

I talked to Rui this weekend at the Reno Rally, and he said he's still
working on seeing if he can do the molds for the headlight assemblies he
got out of England.  One thing to remember for those of you wanting to
do the conversion, is that Rui's assemblies are angled to line up with
the B4 hood (i.e. '92 - '95 90).  The assemblies Erebuni carries look
like they will work well with the stock '88 - '91 Grilles on the 80, 90,
and CQ.  

BTW, I got some more pictures of Rui's car this weekend, which I will be
getting developed today or tomorrow.  Rui mangled his RS2 bumper cover
pretty good on the 4th stage when he hit an embankment coming out of a
wash.  Fortunately there was only cosmetic damage and one bent strut.
He went on to win the rally though.   I also bought a spare RS2 bumper
cover he had made in Fiberglass; very good quality.

-mark nelson