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Re: Bridgestone Winter Driving Q-Event

I received a mailing on the event last month.

Your information appears to be correct - no Friday track
day :(  Cost for the required 1/2 day driving school is
$125 although, if you do both days there is a $25 discount.
 These prices are for each driver.

On Saturday night there is a Winter driving SOLO II on the
course. $35 for SCCA members and $40 for non members. I did
this two years ago and it was an absolute blast. Amazing
how much different that course looks under headlights.

BTW Harley, the event is in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. If
you can spend an extra day or two, you may just want to
bring your skis or snowboard. This is one of the top

>    He informed me that this year's Colorada Quattro Club
event at the
> Bridgestone
> Winter Driving School was scheduled for January 31 and
February 1, 1998.
> I was
> interested to see that Friday's track day isn't being
continued this
> year.  The cost
> has remained at $125 for Sunday's event, and if you
haven't taken the
> halfday class 
> on Saturday before, that is a must, not sure on that
pricing or of any
> discounts.

>    This event is a blast overall, and I heard from some,
while I was on
> the track, a riot to
> watch as well ;-)