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Back Where I belong

Hi folks,
    I'd been waiting over a week for my Q to be fixed. First the power
steering pump, then the alternator.... and driving a 97 Concord Demo from
the dealership. Getting back into my Q was akin to taking a long run and
then taking that first swig of water.... aaahh. :)
     You never know how much you have to appreciate until it's gone. 

Anyway, among my future projects for the car is wheels/tires.. sometime in
the spring. I'm slapping some Hak 1's on there next tuesday mounted on
steels. But when the snow is gone, I'd like to upgrade to aftermarket
wheels and some performance rubber. 
I know nothing about wheels, and plan to do alot of research before
plunking down my money. Could people that have BTDT, or know a thing or two
about aftermarket wheels please send me some info. I'm concerned about 16"
clearance, especially after I put on Eric's steadikit sometime this spring
as well. I keep hearing difficulties having to do with the offset.  Lately
the thing on the list has been Compmotive, but what distinguises this
company from the dozens of others out there? I must have missed the
original thread.  

Osman Parvez
89 200q