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Re: Audi 5KCSTQ vs. Jeep GC

I must concur with Osman and Larry on this matter,
    I was going to keep my mouth shut on this but I just can't.  I owned
a Jeep Cherokee, (the older, smaller bodystyle that is still sold).  I
now own an Audi 4kq.  Frankly, I love the Audi but miss the Jeep.  I
sold it with 203,000 miles on it and my 4kq is having many more
problems.  In 200k miles I never had to replace any major components on
that car.  No CV joints, sub-frame bushings, wheel-bearings, air-boots.
Oh, wait, I had a bad Water-pump.  Thats one.  And the Throttle BOdy was
messed up.
    I hammered on my Jeep.  Had it high-centered on a rock that I landed
on!, no damage.  Jumped it many times WAY to high off the ground while
off-roading, no damage.  Never had to replace any suspension stuff other
than shocks for $35 apiece.
    Jeep designs it's vehicles to be driven hard and do well off-road.
ONly make I would possably rather be in off-road is a LandRover.  And no
replys talking about Hummers or Lamborghini's please.  I'm talking real
Sport Utes here.  Jeep has a long heritage of designing and building the
toughest off-road vehicles made.  Now they also put some very nice
leather interiors in them.
    Audi makes one of, maybe the, best European Luxury and sport Touring
Sedans in the world. THey are fast, refined, last forever, and built
extremely well.
    Why is there even a comparison.  I can climb very Icy and slick
hills with my Quattro but it ain't no Jeep.  It isn't made to be, nor
could it be.  I would trash it.  I treat it as one because of where I
live but I have to Idle up my Girlfriends road to keep from denting my
Oilpan or Borla Muffler.  I could go up that road in 3rd gear in the
Jeep.40mph, no problem, soak it right up.
    Jeeps will NEVER handle like an AUDI.  They do handle better than
most of the older Sport Utes out there though.  They are more stable,
way more durable with a solid front Axle, and built tough.
    Oh, almost forgot, and the new Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited will
outrun every Audi currently made save for the S4,S6 and A8  to 60 mph.
0-60 in under 8 seconds.  Wow.
    Point is, keep the comparisons to the right class.  Jeeps are great,
I love them.  Some people buy them to drive to the store, in which case
an A4 Avant would probably be better.  But thats not Jeeps fault.  They
build a great 4x4.  Audi makes a great Touring Sedan.
            I'm supporting Jeep only.  I just have personal experience
with that brand.  Not trying to sway opinions or market things, just
stating what I know.  No bad feelign OK.

                    Todd Phenneger
                    84' 4kq - Love it
                    Miss my Jeep though.