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Re: Audi 5KCSTQ vs. Jeep GC

Larry wrote:
> I own and regularly drive one each of the vehicles you compared. While
> Jeep ain't no Quattro, in it's defense, it can do things the TQ can't. 

I concur with Larry's view. As one who sells the Jeep line, but is a
confirmed audi-nut and driving a 200q,   it must be firmly stated that any
comparision of the two is as futile as comparing apples to oranges.
Although in reality, the two have similar actual missions in everyday use
(most jeep owners never leave the pavement), they are designed from two
different points of view. The Jeep Grand Cherokee takes a sport-ute (truck)
and attempts to civilize it while retaining the off road capabilities. The
Audi is a German Luxury or Sports/luxury (where's my 99 S4!). 

I've spent extensive time in every model and trim level that Jeep sells. I
can confirm that they have tried and for the most part succeeded in
maintaining their image as a company that produces vehicles which are very
capable off road. It's what their product literature, and training info
constantly stress as to distinguish it from it's competitors which
increasingly are using car underpinnings (such as the new Mercedes

We have a bit of a washout on one end of our lot. I regularly traverse the
mess with Jeeps, but take care to swing wide of it with any of the cars we
sell. The Jeeps soak up the nastiness without any complaint. I'd cause some
serious damage if I tried that in my Q. I'd probably lose my job if I tried
it in one of the A8s we've got. 

Sure the G-Cherokee handles like a pig on the road when you compare it to a
well designed german sedan like the 5000. It also goes without saying that
most people who buy a Jeep buy one for the image, and could care less what
it handles like compared to an Audi. Yee-haw.

BTW, I'm not soliciting business here for Audi or Jeep sales. I'm just
suggesting that we keep the comparisions reasonable.  
Osman Parvez
89 200q