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RE: Audi 5KCSTQ vs. Jeep GC

<<There you have it, a totally unbiased review of two AWD vehicles.  >>

Hmmmmm, are you sure about that statement ;-)?

I can't say that I've experienced any of the problems you've reported
with the Jeep GC.  Both my mom's '93 GC V8 and my '91 Jeep Cherokee are
quite comfortable and enjoyable to drive.  The coil spring setup on the
Cherokee and Grand Cherokee is one of the best and most proven designs
of any live axle vehicle...and actually provides_very_GOOD handling
characteristics.  You're comparing apples and oranges here...although
most people do use SUV's as grocery haulers, some of us actually have
uses for our SUV's that my Quattros could never dream of doing.  

If you really want to do a fair comparison, then why don't you include
ALL of the areas where both vehicles specialize...let me know when a
5ktq can get a 700+ score on a Ramp Travel Index (factor of suspension
travel to vehicle wheelbase), or can climb a 60% grade up a rock hill,
or how about a 5ktq's rock crawling ability, or better yet, towing
capacity.  Maybe ground clearance, or front and rear, approach and
departure angles??

Point is, your comparison wasn't a fair one, and was based only on the
5ktq's capabilities and not both vehicles capabilities.  C'mon, I admit
that most people that drive SUV's are idiots and don't need them, but
the original intent of the SUV was not for grocery hauling or taking the
kids to soccer practice, as is so commonly seen.  I like my Q's, but I'm
not about to start doing a compare/contrast of the Q to SUV controversy.
Each of my vehicles serves a purpose that the other's can't do, which is
why I bought them, so I just leave it at that.  I'm not trying to be a
PITA, just trying to be objective here...need to keep things in
perspective...well relatively ;-)

-mark nelson

'90 s2 (Building for SCCA Pro Rally)
'85 4ktq (MC transplant in the works)
'86 4kq (Red/Gray and only 100K...new recruit =)
'91 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4
'86 GMC K2500 Suburban 4x4