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Re: Wheels for 4k/quattro-digest V4 #1455

Marcus Oesterwinter wrote:
> As a followup to my previous message about wanting to know if I could put
> big wheels on my Audi (it was suggested that it could not be done.)  I
> wonder, is it possible to just get longer shocks/struts that would allow
> more clearance?  If so, I am guessing that I would have to use ones made for
> a diffent type of car.  Are there any that would do the job?

The problem is not that the wheels are too big, but rather that the
tires are too small. You need 195 60 14's stock. The larger of the 2
sizes you mentioned is 215 40 15. This has a 6.2% smaller cicumference.
It will throw your speedo off, lower your car by about 15mm, and lower
your gear ratios. You also need to consider the width and offset of the
wheels. You probably can't get wider than a 7" wheel to fit and need an
offset around 35mm. On a 15 inch wheel, a 205 50 15 gives you a -.5%
circumference. Pretty close.
P.S. If you need more ground clearance for off roading, then you start
talking about struts and springs, but to do it "properly" some would
suggest lowering the upper strut mounts.