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RE: Maintenance reminder reset

The only way Audi says it can be done (US spec manuals) is with the VAG
1551 or 1552. There is a software program and adapter cable set-up for a
PC or Laptop that is available from CarComp Inc. that is suppose to do
everything the VAG does. I don't know if it will or not. I have a friend
who bought it but I have yet to work with it. I plan to spend some time
experimenting with it but time is tight this time of year, for me at
least. I know next to nothing about this product or the company and I
have no affiliation with them but it did sound like a cool set up.
Jim Dupree
1984 4ksq
1984 4ks

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>Sent: 	Tuesday, December 09, 1997 12:56 PM
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>Subject: 	Re: Maintenance reminder reset
>Jouko Haapanen wrote:
>> > From: Kershner Wyatt <kwyatt@access.digex.net>
>> >
>> > Anyone know how to reset the maintenance reminder (6 month/7,500 mile)
>> > that comes on in a 96 A6 Quattro wgn?
>> >
>> European cars require either VAG 1551 or VAG 1552 diagnostic tools...
>> Jouko Haapanen
>> Pori, Finland
>> 97 A4 1.8T quattro
>> 89 911 Carrera 3.2 25th Anniv. edition
>Thanks, but ??.