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RE: Timing belts - age of

A timing belt replacement is always a small price to pay compared to the
cost of the engine damage that results. The 8v engine in a Jetta is a
very easy engine to replace the timing belt on, the 20v 5cyl eng in a 90
or the 20 turbo in a 200 or S4/S6 is a whole different story. IMHO the
20v timing belt replacement is about as bad as it gets for timing belt
jobs. The S4/6 is the worst of the bunch. I'll admit I have not done a
V8 T-belt with the engine in the car only with it on an engine stand and
no I did not pull the engine to do the belt.
Jim Dupree
1984 4ksq
1984 4ks

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>Sent: 	Wednesday, December 10, 1997 1:11 PM
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>Subject: 	Re: Timing belts - age of
>Hi Gang:
>   I'm new to this list joining it to learn some of the ways of Audi. I've
>following this "timing belt" thread for a couple of days and find myself 
>scratching my head...my current daily driver is a VW Jetta GLi with the 8v 
>engine. I've changed the timing belt every 15k along with the idler both
>cost less that $50 US, and the agg-factor is very low. Knowing the 20v
>are very close to the VW 16v and knowing that its an interferance engine is
>not small payment for engine life?  OR did I miss something about the 5 cyl 
>engine in the north south configuration as in the 80/90 cars. I personally
>I want a US '90 or '91 QCoupe am I about to learn a harsh lession or am I
>just a 
>masacuse (sp ? sorry) already?
>Rick Glesner
>'82 911 SC
>'86 Jetta GLi
>'83 Rx-7 SCCA Spec Racer