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Audi audio questions (long/detailed)

I was going to send this e-mail to audio usenet but I would
rather be flamed from this list (at least this list knows
how painful it is to fiddle with Audi cars!).

Finally decided to junk the Bose system in my car.
Installation of new system is now done and I am in the
process of tweaking and testing the new system which 
consists of:
         Denon 950R headunit
         Soundstream amp powering Infinity component (4") up front
                and MB Quart (6.5") at the rear deck
         JBL amp powering a 10" Bazooka tube at the trunk

The installer (a 911 car nut) eliminated any potential alternator
whine by hooking up amps power and ground leads directly to
the battery. Installed the 4" in the door panel (drop-in install)
and the tweeter at the dash aimed 45 degrees towards center
of car. Installed the MB at the rear deck(drop-in). 

My reference for sound tweaking and comparo are AR9 (yes, they
still exist - sound is warm and vocals clear) and a Velodyne sub
powered by McIntosh amp and Sony ES CD deck.
        1. Presently the AM/FM antenna is not connected because
              when the antenna was connected (through a VW adaptor)
              alternator whine was present.
              Q: Anybody tried installing a FUBA antenna with signal
                   amplification? Any noise?

        2. The sub sounded muddy. Test tracks came from Steely Dan's Aja,
              Depeche Mode's Condemnation, and Eric Clapton's Layla (live).
              Q: Is this related to the transfer function of the sub/back
                   are metal and there is no outlet for low frequency sound
                   to go upfront?
                   (I have played with gain setting and this sub used to sound
                    good hours before being transferred to the V8 - used to be
                     in an MX6)
               Q: Anybody else tried a different sub or used a porting system
                    to transfer sound to the passenger compartment?

        3. Sub also has dips during extremely demanding tracks.
               Q: Is this because the alternator/battery can not sustain amps?
               Q: Will introducing a stiffening capacitor bring in noise?

I am not a bass head - I am after clean and hopefully accurate sound.
However being a New Yorker sometimes I could not resist turning up
the volume...

So forgive this Audi nut and cut me some slack for this long e-mail...
I just want this car to sound good and run fast.

Thanks ya' all!


V8q ( getting heavier each day)