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For Sale: 86 4000q CS

I am selling my 1986 Audi 4000CS quattro. This is a long letter on it's
condition. Location and Pricing at bottom.

It has:
Smoke Grey metallic paint
Red leather/Black leather trim interior
Standard quattro options : ps,pw,air, etc....
Seats are not heated
power sunroof
137,000 miles

Recent repairs or upgrades:

1991 - 55,298 mi
-Left Front Axle
-Power Steering Pump
-Brake pressure regulator

1992 - 73,000 mi
-Idle stabilizer hose
-O2 Sensor
-Complete Tune up
-New quattro floor mats
-Vacuum Pump and seal ring
-LR outer door handle

1995 - I purchase Car - 102,000 mi
-Complete tune up
-Outer CV Boot

1995 - 121,000mi
-Kelly Asymetrical 195-60-14 Tires and Alignment
-Coolant Flush & Fill

-Alpine in dash CD player/head unit
-Polk rear 5-1/4" speakers
-replace differential mounts
-valve cover gasket
-front brakes
-RF Door handle
-Front Differential Vaccuum Servo unit

Flaws - (Very honest description)
-Headlights are ok but could probably use newer bulbs
slight crack in one "fake" clear foglight
-Windshield moulding is peeling up slightly at passenger base (will be redone)
-Typical door dings (for a 12 year old car) none resulting in rust
-Surface rust appearing at the rear bumper attachment point in the  LR Quarter
panel. Must peel back in the bumper rubber wrap to see it however it should be
taken care of as soon as Spring comes.
-RR Tail running light is out. New bulb did not cure. Needs to be traced.
-Drivers seat Left side bolster has dime sized hole in it from wear. That seat
panel should be replaced. All other seats in VGC.
-Red dash bulb that illuminates the speedometer is out.
-slight leak in oil pan gasket. Re-Torquing bolts helped alot but still
trickles slightly. I may replace with firm cash offer.

I'm in Columbus, Ohio and am asking $2950.00 firm for the way the car sits
right now (With new oil pan gasket)

I will sell for $2700.00 without the Alpine Head Unit/CD player. (You get the
polk speakers)

the car goes on sale to general public on Jan. 5th in Columbus, Ohio.

This has been the most reliable car I've owned in years and has never failed
me. The 4wd system works perfectly. My wife and I want a new A4 or Passat.
Would love to sell to someone who likes Audis and wants service records. Pics
will be available for downloading to any interested parties after Christmas.

William S. McDowall
86 4000CSq