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Ignition cables: anyone heard of MAGSTAR leads?


Busy cleaning up the 200T. One thing on the list is a replacement
set of ignition cables. I was going through the local CAR magazine
and noticed a ad for a lifetime guaranteed set of ignition leads.
Ad also indicates that you'll never have to change you plug cables
again. :) So, I called the distributors and the guy tells me they've
just started the import of these mag wires. They will be bringing
them in from the States, the company who makes these MAGSTAR leads
is the manufacturer of leads for most of the American auto makers
such as GM. They only recently went into aftermarket manufacturing
where they provide the same quality leads, but for the import
market. He told me he will get some test cables in for the 200 and
for the 92/93 S4  that have the 2226cc motor. I can go in and test
them to see if they fit. The parts MAGSTAR use depends on the ignition
system they're being made for. The plug connectors for the Bosch
ignition system (I think it is Bosch, or is the distributor also a
Hitachi unit?) in the Audis is acquired from Bosch so all the parts
are genuine. The guy was straight with me and told me that he is also
learning about this vehicle stuff as he actually runs a offshore marine
technology firm, so all the vehicles that can't float are a bit
strange to him. The flashy thing about the ignition leads is that
have a claimed supply of 5 times the plug energy and prevent misfiring
under load. If I look at the diagram for the lead it has a 8mm
Silicone jacket on the outside, a fibreglass braid on the inside
surrounding what is called the S-FOUR Mag Wire which has a Kevlar
inner core.

Does anyone have experience with these cables? If you do then was
there quite a difference in running?

I was just going to go out to these guys and get the leads once I get
back home to Cape Town for this coming holiday, but I thought I might
as well ask on the list to see if anyone uses them. The other reason
I decided to first check these out is that they're asking about
US$100 for cables  for the 200 and  about US$10 less for the S4 of

BTW, will ignition leads on the 2.2 S4 for 92/93 fit the 2.2 200
for 89/90?

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