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Re: 200tq problems

> Just attach a boost gauge and do the prescribed test run.  That'll find if
> there's a boost problem or not.  It's more likely for such things to be
> associated with the WOT switch.

I was informed of this earlier,  but I did the resistance tests of the
WOT switch and it was 100% perfect (at engine off though :) Heck
knows, nor can I tell, it things go funny while driving). So perhaps
the starter of this thread should also check his WOT switch and clean
at least the external connectors.

> With this combined WOT switch being as troublesome and finicky as it is, I'm
> surprised there aren't any better diagnostics.  It seems that static continuity
> testing (continuity tester across switch and open throttle by hand) is utterly
> inadequate as a final arbiter of function.  Even switches that look good in
> daylight seem to go intermittent at speed on a revving engine, and low
> resistance seems more important than simple continuity - say below 4 ohms.
> So far, the best diagnostic tool I have seen is a little harness made up by
> Scott Mockry.  This fits between the wastegate frequency valve and its
> connector, with a long lead taking a LED into the cabin.  You just tape it
> in front of the driver.  It's simple - with the MAC12D (and MAC11/MAC13) the
> ECU takes over wastegate control at WOT. So if you hammer the foot down, the
> LED should flash.  So far, this tool has proven infallible, and it has found
> one WOT switch that tested OK in daylight to be defective in a moving car.

This I am interested in. What are the plans for building this thing
and what cables on the WGFV should be connected up?
> (For those following the story - we plan displacement vs. voltage measurements
>  on an MB air mass sensor for this afternoon, and we may even be able to make
>  the first runs to measure plate displacement under load on both a stock
>  engine and one with some air path modifications.)

Not the following the story, but I think I'd like to know more. :)

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