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timing belt & sig line

Audis are not the only cars that have timing belt problems - some years
back I had one of Lee Iaccoca's infamous K cars - coming back to office,
about a block away, engine "just stopped", as in "sorry, no more power
today". No noise, no banging, just pfft.

Car was slushbox, shifted to "N", and coasted to a perfect dead stick
landing exactly in my regular parking spot (Just like Bob Hoover does in
his Commander airshow routine - Yeah!)

Scratch head. repeat as needed - after some fiddling, determine that crank
turns, cam doesn't! New belt cured all - this is evidently a
non-interference engine. Still a PITA, fortunately not an expensive one.
Rather have my Audi, thanks!

And yes, I have been wondering about the translation on Brett D's Latin sig
line. . . 

Best Regards,

Mike Arman