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Re: Searching for an Audi (rather long reply)

hi mike,

thanks for the reply.  of course your long reply has prompted my long reply.  sorry

so, i started looking a month ago.  i knew exactly what i wanted.  i started with
the web
programs first.  everyone said that they would look and call me back.  very few
called back.  at that point, i am still optimistic.  then, after no calls, my
husband and i start calling dealers and fleet dealers.  for those of you who may be
looking, here is what i
  not necessarily obnoxious salespeople but definitely more buyers than cars
  the right car is never on the lot (not many tiptronics)
  a 3-4 month wait
  salespeople who give you different invoice and msrp numbers for the same thing
  salespeople who do not try very hard to find your car if you are working through a

    program like costco or auto-by-tel

so, now that i am on the brink of buying another kind of car, i am back to the
board.  i know this sounds like a sin, but a friend at work suggested that i look at
passat.  the volkswagon dealer told me that it is the same car as the a4.  i welcome
thoughts about this because i want to better understand the difference between a
and an a4.