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Re: Searching for an Audi (rather long reply)


The only way to get *exactly* what you want is to special order the car.
Yes, there will be a several month wait, but that's worthwhile.  It's
guaranteed to be frustrating if you think you will be able to find
the exact combination of features and options and colors and materials
you want, just sitting at some dealer's lot for you.  It doesn't hurt
looking, but the chances are slim.

If you really want the car immediately, then you'd have to be a bit
more flexible with the colors/interior/options.

I waited 3 months for my A4q and I don't regret it.  It's exactly what
I ordered...  Moreover, when it did arrive it had only 14 pristine miles
on it (probably from factory testing and the drive onto the boat and off),
and never been thrashed by anyone in a test drive...

> so, now that i am on the brink of buying another kind of car, i am back to the
> drawing
> board.  i know this sounds like a sin, but a friend at work suggested that i look at
> the
> passat.  the volkswagon dealer told me that it is the same car as the a4.  i welcome
> any
> thoughts about this because i want to better understand the difference between a
> passat
> and an a4.

The Passat is based on A4 mechanicals.  It is larger than an A4
and styled differently.  It is aimed for at the family car market
and as such is not as sporty as the A4.  The ride is softer and the
interior is more vanilla.  It carries more weight than the A4 on
the same drivetrain so it's also a bit slower (given equivalent
drivetrain configurations).

Go look at and drive a Passat for yourself.  You may like it.

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