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Re: AAAcKkkK!! Chains on a quattro!


I've lived in Portland for about 8 years, if you get some
All season radial tires M+S rated (Mud and Snow) , your
Quattro will not likely  get stuck anywhere. 

If you live up in the hills surrounding Portland that
frequently get icy roads then either a dedicated snow tire
or studded snow tire is recommended for better grip on ice.
Many people in Portland have two sets of wheels, one with
snow tires and one with performance tires or all season

I had a Front Wheel Drive 5000 Turbo for five years and I
never put chains on it. That thing would amaze people at
how well it could climb up a snow covered hill even with
all season radials. In the winter time I would often take
the car up to Mt. Hood for skiing. I enjoyed driving by all
the people fumbling with chains on their 2WD rear wheel and
front wheel drive cars.....

The Quattro I now have is even more amazing! 

Chains on an Audi? Never have, never will........

Scott M.
89 200TQ

> From: Jean DeVour <JDevour@wk.com>
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> Subject: RE: AAAcKkkK!! Chains on a quattro!
> Date: Thursday, December 11, 1997 7:47 AM
> I live in the Portland area where we are lucky to get
more than a week
> or 2 of snow a year (We didn't get any last year.) My
first impulse was
> to get chains just in case, but the recent threads make
me wonder.  
> Should I get snow tires for my A4 Q in the off chance we
get a cold
> snap?  It will be wet regardless.  Anyone else in the
> area have any suggestions? 
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> 	Subject:	AAAcKkkK!! Chains on a quattro!
> 	Sell em!!! Sell em now!!  Let's put it this way, if you
put a
> good set of
> 	performance winter snow tires on your quattro, and
perhaps even
> stud them,
> 	there is no way you should need chains. I've seen
several of our
> customers
> 	us 'em on their 2wd cars and once in awhile one will let
> and smash the
> 	hell out of a fender.
> 	I could see carrying the chains around in the car just
in case,
> but if you
> 	get stuck in a quattro, the snows either too deep
(chains or
> not) or you
> 	just shouldn't have been out driving. 
> 	I'm kinda sorta doing my own tire test. I bought a new
set of
> Blizzaks for
> 	the wifes 5kq and a set of hakkapalitas (sp??) for my
4kq. Last
> night, in
> 	the miserable weather, both tires worked very well....
so far.
> I'm dying for
> 	a good snowfall now!
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