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Re: AAAcKkkK!! Chains on a quattro!

I'm in Denver, and been through two winters with my Q.  I can't afford two sets
of tires, so I just got all season radials -- I like their performance in dry,
and just take it easy in the snow.  I've been out on some TOUGH days and the
car always does admirably. It had snows on it when I bought it, and they were
LOUD, LOUD, LOUD on pavement...........

My opinion would be go with all-seasons and if the cold snap does come, just
take it easy.......


'85 4KSQ 200K (?) (dadburn odometer.......)

> I live in the Portland area where we are lucky to get more than a week
> or 2 of snow a year (We didn't get any last year.) My first impulse was
> to get chains just in case, but the recent threads make me wonder.
> Should I get snow tires for my A4 Q in the off chance we get a cold
> snap?  It will be wet regardless.  Anyone else in the Portland/Seattle
> area have any suggestions?

Michael C. Watz