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No Subject

>Rob Winchell wrote:
>> Q -
>> My power steering pump just started making a LOT of noise. Assuming the
worst, has anyone replaced one recently who could share the best price they
found and the source?
>> It's for a 91 200Q, by the way.

>I'd buy the rebuild kit first and give that a try. Not to difficult and
>very cheap!!
>There were some earlier postings w/part # and things to check when the
>pump is apart.

Okay, I qualify as a someone who has recently replaced the PS pump. My
first inclination was to try the rebuild kit route, and I checked into it
at work. I'm currently working at a dealership with a very knowledgeable
service writer. We spoke about the rebuild kit for a while, and he told me
that he and the techs had tried it several times and failed miserably. Even
on his own car. He backed it up by telling me that even the techs go for
completely rebuilt pumps instead of the kit.. "and if they could save a
buck, don't you think they would??" 

I ended up buying the pump for $295 from the dealer (employee discount..
10% over cost). Afterward, while I was shopping for a replacement
alternator, I found that VW parts (1800 VW Parts) would have sold me a
rebuilt unit for $225. Eric, the guy you want to talk to at VW Parts, said
that the pumps are "factory rebuilds." I have no idea how he is able to
make a profit on pumps at a sale price that is below our cost, perhaps it's
an aftermarket rebuild? I dunno.. you can give it a try.

I believed him because he wasn't making money on me (due to the employee
thing). Plus, for the alternator he *recommended* that I don't buy it from
where I work, but instead purchase it from VW parts! So.. I did ($100).  

On the other hand, I know of one lister who used the $15 rebuild kit and
was succesful at the time of installation (last summer). I don't know if
it's still leak free though. I recall it took him more than one try to get
it right. You can ask Paul Waterloo about that. 

BTW, I'm not trying to sway anybody into or away from their opinions on an
Audi Dealer. Although I have been fairly impressed with my Service Writer,
I couldn't afford him if I didn't work there. 
Oh, and I'm gonna try to see if my Parts Manager wants to make an
arrangement for you guys on the Q-list.. similar to the one with Linda at
Carlsen. I'll keep you posted on it as it unfolds.

Good luck.
Osman Parvez
89 200q