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audi offset

Hi All,
	I'm just curious of Audi offset over the years. In other words what will
fit what? I know VW is basically 4 setups, thoush offset parameters I am
unclear on. For VW you had 4 and 5 lug air cooled, and 4 and 5 lug water
cooled, 5 lug being used on the VR6 or plus suspension cars.
	I know Audi has had several setups (4 and 5 lug) configurations. If I am
not too off the mark, the early 4 luggers were compatible with VW. Is that
correct? Were these compatible with later 4 lug cars. In other words, would
the wheels on my sister's '93 90 CS fit on an '84 4000? On top of that,
would todays Avus rims(5 lug) fit on an older 5000TQ or UrQ with 5 lugs? I
know offset etc comes into play here, but I am unclear how this breaks down
in the Audi lineup. Thanks-G