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RE: Tool 2069

I concur with Mike.  I have a chain pipe wrench from Sears that works
Though with the cheater pipe on the end of the wrench, holding the strut
down is
a challenge.
On the really stubborn ones, I set up with  a cold chisel and a 3lb
mallet.  Chisel
the cap CCW and she'll come off before she knows it.  Course it helps to
have a
replacement cap ready.  Once you've vented your frustrations, you'll
usually find
you've vented the cap as well...  Most decent shocks come with a new cap

Good Luck!


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> If the cap is too tight for channel locks try a pipe wrench.  That's
> what I used last time and worked like a champ.
> Mark P
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> At 03:10 PM 12/11/97 -0800, you wrote:
> >Any one in Q-land have a good source for tool 2069 for removing the
> >front shocks?
> I ended up using the channel lock method for removing the
> shocks on my '86 5k. Other than residual tooth marks on the
> cap I thought it was just as easy as the tool would have
> allowed. You do it from the wheel well rather than the 
> top of the shock tower.
> --bob